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For someone who is a complete beginner in programming, what would you recommend is the best language and framework I could pick up relatively quickly to build an MVP for an app or website?

My initial thought was if building an, learning something cross platform like Dart/Flutter would be best? What are your thoughts?

Also would I find the learning curve with web dev less steep than say Dart/Flutter?

I was also under the assumption that in the first instance using a MBaaS such as Firebase would be easiest. Is this correct?

I appreciate an MVP is about getting something out there to test your theory as quickly as possible so as you have confirmation to either move forward with building something more polished/robust or to pivot or to call it a day on the idea. To this end, I have considered just getting some mockups done in Figma and Protopie and putting them on a landing page with a pre-sign-up form which could give me some idea, but as per the post, I would like to get some advice on going the route of hacking something together too.

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