Done with MVP, as a Tech guy – I don’t know how market it to reach the full potential

Hey guys, so I'm done with the MVP of my SaaS web app – which delivers Human like AI Voiceovers and converts blog posts into podcasts.

I had validated the idea with a basic landing page through IndieHackers and Product Hunt a few months ago. Also a few of my friends who blog really liked it.

Before I go any further with the development, I get early subscribers for it and build a "Hype"(not sure if that's the right word to use 😅).

Right now, the only few ways I can think about is –

  • Indie Hackers/Product Hunt post.
  • Build a Twitter audience and share updates(work in progress)
  • YouTube explainer video(need to drive traffic to it).
  • Medium article explaining the product, but not sure how to go about this with only the landing page at hand right now.
  • SEE and/or paid ads.
  • Collaborating with other bloggers who would be interested in writing about the product (Medium/WP).

But just to get some early subscribers I won't be releasing the product just yet.

I'll only be going ahead with the landing page until the product is fully ready(few frontend issues).

Appreciate any constructive responses regarding this!

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