Codota: Israeli AI startup that autocompletes developers’ code scored €11M funding

Based out of Tel Aviv, Codota is an AI pair programmer that helps developers create better software, faster by providing insights learned from all the code in the world. Recently, the Israeli company has raised $ 12 million (approx €11 million) funding led by new and existing investors including, Khosla Ventures, TPY Capital, and Hetz Ventures.

With this financing, the Codota is planning to double down on making software development better with Artificial Intelligence. As per the company claims, the focus remains on smoothly integrating into the development workflow, making development more productive, and less error-prone. So far, the company has raised $ 16 million (approx €15 million) in total.

Codota runs alongside the IDE and uses the learned code models to suggest relevant code. These suggestions save you time searching for references and help prevent errors. 

This platform helps you when writing new code by predicting the code that you may need next. Codota helps you when reading and reviewing code by showing you code that applies in similar settings.

Last year, the company acquired one of its biggest competitors TabNine to expand the number of languages that it can support. Right now, it supports major languages including Python, JavaScript, Java, C, and HTML and it operates across integrated development environments such as VSCode, Eclipse, and IntelliJ.

Post the acquisition, Codota, and TabNine are gradually combining both semantic and textual models of code to a unified predictive model that’s far superior to any of them alone.

To name a few, companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Alibaba are using Codota’s tools. According to the company, the user base has grown more than 1000% in the last year, which is pretty impressive. 

Founded by Dror Weiss and Eran Yahav in 2013, Codota is free for individual users and talking about the revenue, the company makes money from Codota Enterprise, which learns the patterns and rules in a company’s proprietary code.

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