Sacrifice professional/university career for a business attempt

Hello everyone, I'm here again.

I'm still a student in its 1st year of a Master living in Italy. My dream is either or getting into Google or start my own business.

Two years ago I started working on a project for a restaurant reservation service, similar to TheFork but more ambitious and most importantly cheaper (up to 8 times).

Due to current situations all restaurants are losing money for the lockdown.
I think that once the lockdown will start to loosen up their intentions is to mitigate as much as possible their loss and maybe some of them will be more willing to use similar services to boost their visibility and recover customers faster. Currently the term of the lockdown for restaurants is planned for the 25th of May.

Currently my product will need around 1 month to be completed. I don't have huge funds, I can't afford more workforce than mine and the other guy interested in the idea. My university has an incubator that offer consulting services for cheap, but they don't give any funds.

For this summer I have an offer from a local startup where I think I can make a great impact due to their size, their relative youth and my knowledge. A thing I know is that impact is the most important factor when Big Tech companies have to choose which candidate interview.

Here it is where I need your advices.

  • Thanks to your entrepreneurial experience, could you confirm or disprove my assumptions regarding the possibility from restaurants to use TheFork and similar services once the lockdown will end?
  • Should I consider to sacrifice my professional and university career for an attempt to launch a product which has all the credentials to fail, but which exploits a possible opportunity due for the current economic situation?

I don't expect you to have a crystall ball, but I'm in a point where I need a little bit help and advices.

Thanks in advance for any kind of help!

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