Need some advice wrt offering discounts/relief during this pandemic.

Do you think it's a good approach to give 1-month off on our social media management suite (any plan)?

If yes, should it be to all existing customers or customers who churn, or to just everyone (including new customers)? Supposedly the pandemic hits more than a month, so should I extend the free credits to another month?

Also, should I brag about the 1-month off on social media and elsewhere? (Of course, the tone of copy would show empathy and affection, but you get what I'm trying to ask, i.e announcements on social media, a separate landing page about this offer etc), Note, NGO's who use us, already get 50% off for life. We still get different businesses on board during these times too. But we wish to help/retain the ones that can't support the tool or are cutting extra costs.

Strangely this month we have seen a higher ratio between "sessions" to "signup" when comparing to previous months.
This could be since most of us have increased our screentime and are more open to learning new tools or skills.

PS: I run Social Champ, a social media management suite to publish, engage and analyze content on social media platforms. The comments here will help us decide the campaign internationally. Any other comments or feedback will highly be appreciated too wrt SAAS industry and marketing in these time-sensitive months.

Note: If we could help any of the brands, agencies or companies in this group, please let me know too.
IF you are still making money but not too much, please let this offer be for those who aren't able too.

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