CoVive: The only app which has all info about COVID-19, co-launched by Luxembourg & Austrian startups

Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak is the major concern across the world and there is panic among people due to the global health crisis. During the initial stages of the coronavirus outbreak, there was an avalanche of misinformation and uncertainty among people. To put an end to this, BioneXT, a Luxembourg startup has joined hands with Austrian startup Medicus AI to launch a useful and meaningful app for users.

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CoVive is a free support and monitoring app developed in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak and its rapid spread leaving over 2 million people affected across the world. It is a global initiative and will be available on iOS with Android support coming soon.

What does CoVive app do?

The CoVive app is available across the world and works to relieve pressure on the healthcare systems by helping flatten the curve. It empowers users by providing them with more clarity as well as information about their health. And, there are useful features such as self-monitoring, test interpretation, and self-assessment. The CoVive app acts as a reassuring companion and a source of reliable information for users.

Customised for various countries

BioneXT works closely with Medicus AI so that CoVive is customised and localised to suit users in multiple countries. It is also available in multiple languages such as English, French, German, Portuguese, Greek, and Arabic. It is supported by official local guidelines and local sources to offer up-to-date and relevant information that is in line with the guidelines, recommendations, and contact information of each country.

Picture credits: MedicusAI

First CE certified COVID-19 app!

Notably, CoVive is a regulated medical product and the first SARS-CoV-2 app, which has received a CE medical device class 1 certification. Regarding the same, “Completing the CE certification in such a short time was nothing short of miraculous, with our teams working day and night to get it done in record time. At Medicus, we take the issue of regulation and medical certification very seriously, even though the timing was critical, we couldn’t take any shortcuts here,” said Dr. Baher Al Hakim, CEO, Medicus AI.

CoVive is available to download for free on iOS and is coming soon for Android devices.

Main image picture credits: CoVive

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