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Hello guys,

I have been thinking about a personal project that I could work on during my days at home to gain some experience in the process. The personal project I have in mind is a gaming news and review website that I would really like to work on. However, I have never created my own website before and although I've been learning a bit more about Python lately, I still lack programming experience.

I am willing to do the research and learning necessary for this, but I would like to be as efficient as possible in how to approach this from the start. For example, is the best approach to creating this website through actual web development or is there some much more time-efficient yet useful way such as a service (for example Squarespace). As an example, a website like IGN is similar to what I would like to aim for, with eventually having a login feature and a mobile app connected to the website in the future.

Are there any useful resources that you have used when starting out on your own project? I would love to hear your advice / suggestions described briefly without too much details if possible. I can then spend the rest of my time doing research and executing based on your suggestions, which would really help me understand and learn a part of the whole launching a project/startup process.

Sorry if a lot of this is vague, I really hope that you can understand what I mean. Not having a mentor or someone to ask questions means I have to turn to a community that can hopefully give some insights. Excited to be part of this subreddit! Any comments, suggestions, feedback or criticism is welcome!


I want to launch a gaming news website similar to IGN.

1) What is the most efficient way to start building such a website? (I am currently learning Python. If I can use it for this, that would be a huge plus for my learning experience) :).

2) What are other technical things I should keep in mind or think about with regards to starting a website, having a login feature, and/or having a mobile app for this in the future?

Thank you!

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