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Hello, I recently had a discussion that came up with my co-founder and I want to ask your point of view:

We are creating a social network for people to communicate with each other, like Twitter (of course with a different value) and our revenue model is In App Purchases, like coins to exchange with badges to give to users posts or comments (like Reddit or TikTok). Later we are going to add advertising (but when we reach more users).

What he says is that he wants, in addition to those badges in app purchases, add other customizable things for users for purchase such as the color of the border of his profile photo, a background photo in his profile, an avatar next to the photo and more things that affect the UI and users can customize their application the way they want.

I told him that it is a horrible idea because it seems like a game (like plato) very playful, not a social network (if not, every social network would have done it). I am completely against that thought, i hate that users can change all that because it is not clear what we communicate as a social network. I told him we should communicate who we are, minimalism design and don’t let users customize stuff.

His explanation is: we want to earn money and if we offer more ways and options for users to purchase and is easy to create it, we don’t lose anything and we earn more money, like if we offer more ways is simpler to earn money.

What I think is that there is no social network doing that. They might have a reason. Offering too many ways to customize your social network confuse your users. If not, Reddit would have done it to monetize better.

What do you think? Am I right? Is a good way to earn money offering too many in app purchases options to customize the design on a Social Network?

Thank you!

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