Global Systems Supplier ZKW Group Seeks Innovative Sensor Solutions

Due to the growing relevance of autonomous driving, sensors are also becoming increasingly popular. Although the main headlights and taillights are ideal to place sensors on a vehicle because of their positioning, there are still many challenges in making the technology safe and efficient to use.

ZKW Group is the specialist for innovative, premium lighting systems and electronics. As a global systems supplier, the group is one of the world’s leading strategic partners to the automotive industry. To make sensor technology safer, the industry leader is looking to collaborate with innovative startups & already established companies on enhancing the accuracy of sensor data at all times. For this purpose, you can now submit your application for the Partnership Program Drive Light & Sight Edition 2020 until 31 May 2020.

ZKW Welcomes A Wide Variety Of Solutions

The overarching goal of the Partnership Program is to identify technologies that optimize the use of sensors and, above all, make them safer. In this context, increasing the accuracy of sensor data through light is especially important to make autonomous driving a reality.

In short, your solution should be the answer to one of the following questions:

  1. How can current sensors (LiDAR, radar, camera) be cleaned from contamination and freed from other visual obstacles (e.g. dew) to be able to provide accurate environmental data at all times?
  2. Are there sensor systems that are insensitive to pollution and other visual obstacles?
  3. How can we design the sensor environment so that there is no pollution/other visual obstacles cannot manifest?

Therefore, interesting solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Sensor cleaning, component coating, designs that avoid particle collection
  • All-weather suitability of sensors
  • Calibration & validation of sensors
  • Approaches to combine the data from different sensors
  • Sensor hybrid solutions
  • Solutions that maximize safety for all road users in the age of autonomous driving

What’s In It For Your Company?

30.000€ Total Prize Money

Up to four innovative teams will be awarded a total of 30.000€ in equity-free prize money and establish direct contact with ZKW’s experts.

Partnership for Proof of Concept

A partnership phase will result in a pilot or proof of concept (PoC) for your existing solution. Selected startups will work with internal teams from the ZKW Group to further enhance and develop their technologies.

Industry Contacts

The ZKW Group will assess a fit for further project development to determine additional opportunities in the automotive industry and take the most innovative technologies to ZKW’s Roadshow.

Kick-Off Event

Selected startups will participate in an exclusive kick-off event in September 2020* with industry professionals from the ZKW Group. This event gives you a chance to pitch your solution and exchange with ZKW’s experts. The event will take place near Vienna, Austria.

Sounds good? Apply for Drive Light & Sight Edition 2020 by 31 May and join the ride!

*ZKW reserves the right, if justified by circumstances, of canceling or postponing the Competition.



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